Kaibyaku, Beginning  1997 (1×1m)  


Kaibyaku” in Japanese means “the beginning of everything, since the beginning of history”.

 I wanted to express the energy at the very moment when the heaven separated

from the earth, the moment when everything started.

This is placed as a monument at Okayama Central Hospital.

It plays an important role as it represents the source of life.


This is one of my most important works, as every time I look at it, it always reminds me

 that this is the beginning.

This also brought me the Best Female Pottery Award, very prestigious award.

Drifting 1999 (1×1×0.5)  


Sometimes do you not feel that we, the human beings are just a flotsam in this universe

 and life is nothing but drifting?

Look at the top part of the arch. It is a decayed ruin spread in a desert.

 Things rise and fall. Everything exists in uncertainty.


The arch leans one way.

People think they stand firm. But in reality they may be falling on a slope but nevertheless

they are trying hard to hold on to it.But people have a hope.

Standing in front of the arch, they can look up the skies, where they can find their hope.

People are always after it.

This “Drifting” is the work that I tried to capture that kind of feeling.

Let There Be Light 2000 (2.8×10m)  


   This is installed at a public space in Okayama.It took four months

to complete it. I laid in a bold way blue skies with full of energy which you

would feelthat it might start moving at any minute, a square

 sun and shining earth.


Let There Be Light” is a biblical phrase. I created this work, wishing people

 would live a happier life filled with light.

When this work was complete, I remember so well that I myself felt that my heart was filled with light.