Personal history of Masako Shiraishi


1945: Born in Okayama

1967: Graduated from Notre Dame Seishin University

1981: Studied pottery at Ivy Workshop, Kurashiki

1986: Had my own Kiln built

1987: Prefectural Exhibition

1988: Prefectural Exhibition

1989: Prefectural Exhibition

1992: Women’s Ceramic Art Exhibition “Moon Desert”

1993: Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition “Fishing Fire”

Accepted at Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition

Accepted at Women’s Ceramic Art Exhibition

Moon Desert” Exhibition

1994: “Sea and I” Exhibition

1995: “Love vessels that spill” Exhibition

Fall Breezes and Skip” Exhibition in Kamakura

1996: “Ryu” Exhibition

Fall Concert in the Mountains” Exhibition

1997: “Looking Up” Exhibition

Ceramic and Flowers that Talk about Fall” Exhibition in Kamakura

Awarded the Grand Prize of the Women’s Ceramic Art Exhibition on “Kaibyaku, Beginning”


1998: “Hiraku” Exhibition

1999: Became a member of Women’s Ceramic Art Exhibition

Monument production for Okayama Chuo Hospital “Kaibyaku, Beginnig”

Uchi, Inside – what you feel with the heart” Exhibition

Awarded the Education Minister’s Prize at the Women’s Ceramic Art

Exhibition “Drifting”

2000: “Drifting” Exhibition

Mural production for Kojin Club “Let There Be Light”

2001: Accepted at Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition “Voyage”

Tsunagu, Connecting” Exhibition

     Mural production for Primary Care Center Ishima “Flying High into Tomorrow”

2002: “MA” Exhibition

            Held a one-person exhibition at Nippon Gallery in New York, “MA” Exhibition

2003: “KI” Exhibition

          Mural production for Okayama Power Information Center for

          Chugoku Electric Power Company

    “WA” Exhibition in Sushiden Gallery in New York

2004: “WA” Exhibition

   Held a one-person exhibition at the gallery of the Japanese Embassy

              in Washington D.C., “WA Exhibition

2005: “Walk in the Sky” Exhibition

2006: “BLILLARE” Exhibition

2007: “Air”Exhibition

2008: “Water's Sound” Exhibition

            Held a one-person exhibition at the gallery of the Japanese Embassy

              in London., “WA Exhibition

2009:“Fyuu” Exhibition

2010:“DEEP” Exhibition

2011:“skip” Exhibition

2012:“Sper  Vision” Exhibition